I can’t believe BBR19 is over.
I’m overwhelmed and feeling so blessed to have been a part of this amazing ride and to have ridden it with such amazing friends (old and new).

The last two days we went to Omaha Beach and Juno Beach for the 75th anniversary of DDay. It was amazing to walk the beach with a WWII vet who landed there.

The ride ended with a trip to the Canadian Cemetery Beny-Sur-Mer where I got to visit the grave of my grandfather Lt Euclide Jodoin who also landed at Juno on DDay but survived and moved on to fight through Normandy only to lose his life in the battle for the Falaise Gap.

It was an emotional end for me, but also a great one.
I loved the ride.
I loved the people more.
So much respect for you all.

Honour the Fallen. Help the Living.